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design trends for the year ahead

by Danielle Urbina

We’ve only just welcomed 2019, but when it comes to design, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead—in fact, inspiration for the new year starts popping up in early fall, right after design shows that coincide with fashion week in cities like New York, Paris, and London. In years past, trends were all about ikat and geo patterns, white-and-gray palettes with the occasional sprinkling of millennial pink, and brass and rose gold accents in fixtures and furnishings. This year, you’ll notice that homes are shifting from untouchable showpieces to more relaxed spaces where homeowners and their guests actually feel, well, right at home. That doesn’t mean a lack of style, however; everything from unique wall colors and decorative finishes, to sustainable décor and artful backsplashes are big contributors to this year’s chic trends. My favorites so far? Three transformative design details that are easy to incorporate without totally interrupting your home’s established style


Sophisticated shine

One of my favorite trending elements for this year is the use of jewel tones in everything from pendants and glassware to textiles and lamps. Incorporating jewel tones (emerald, sapphire, teal, ruby, etc.) into your color scheme will help to break up a monochromatic palette while adding a hint of luminescence. To really enliven your space (and create a focal point), larger pieces of furniture—including sofas and loveseats—in jewel tones will immediately energize the area and also add an air of sophistication. Take caution though: An abundance of items in these hues can quickly overwhelm, so use them sparingly. 


Neutral takes a back seat

Say it with me: embrace color. For years, neutral walls have been a go-to for homeowners, mainly because of how easy they made it to decorate everything else in a space. This year’s trends dictate boldness—whether dark and moody or bright and cheery. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to bathe your entire home in every color of the rainbow—start small and feel it out by painting one room with color that makes a statement. A good place to start, designers say, is in the living room, where bold wall colors will set the tone for the style of the rest of your home. Once a trend themselves, accent walls are one way to test out vibrant hues, but in 2019 the trend is to go big with wall-to-wall color.


Flower power

Floral design in wallpaper, bedding, upholstery, and wall décor is back, but in a chic way that isn’t too loud and overbearing. The key here is to learn how to balance florals with other decorative elements in the space to create a pretty and put-together look. Go small-scale for something simple and fresh, but bold for added drama, such as wallpaper that packs a big, vibrant punch. If you find a floral piece you’re really in love with, designers suggest basing your color scheme around it, using tones in the print to work in things like throw pillows, curtains, and rugs. Not feeling the florals indoors? Take patterns outside to the patio where they will be more in their element.