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Dom Airington, co-owner of Ice Creamed Myself
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Dom Airington, co-owner of Ice Creamed Myself
the trojan bar
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craft ice cream—on wheels

by Cassie McClure
photographs by Nohemy Gonzalez

Ale Zorrivas and Dom Airington spent a lot of time in the back of an ice cream shop— learning the ropes, but also dreaming about the future and pitching ideas to each other for the perfect name for a prospective ice cream business. It wasn’t long before Ice Creamed Myself—the quirky name they eventually decided on—came to fruition, and four years later, the two entrepreneurs pride themselves on delivering tasty, handmade craft ice cream to crowds both young and old.

Ice Creamed Myself was first available as a traditional vendor at different markets, but now, it’s available in a completely green way—as a pedal push–powered bike that visits various locations, events, and festivals over the weekends across El Paso.

Zorrivas serves as the main confectioner and dreams up different flavors for Ice Creamed Myself’s ethically sourced treats, including items like the vegan Trojan bar, a vanilla, cashew, and coconut core dipped into vegan caramel, and double-dipped into homemade, self-hardening chocolate. It’s one of their most popular items, but so are the flavors requested by their customers, including decadent lemon pound cake ice cream.

“I really like wacky flavors—like banana bread or cinnamon rolls—mimicking other food, and making them taste exactly like that, only in ice cream form,” explains Zorrivas.

Airington is the pedal champ, both the sales part of the business and a cheerleader for those who have never tried homemade ice cream or seen it sold on two wheels. “For some people, it’s nostalgic, and for some, it’s something they’re seeing for the very first time,” she says. “It’s all eye-catching: the name, the bike, and the made-from-scratch ice cream.”

The ice cream offerings vary, but a few staples are here to stay, such as the Fruity Pebble ice cream sandwich and rich, chocolate-covered cheesecake. Another is the hazookie choco bar, filled with fair trade chocolate ice cream, roasted hazelnuts, and self-made shortbread pieces with a chocolate shell. A newer creation is their vegan, Ferrero Rocher–inspired flavor, made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate-covered brown rice crisps, roasted hazelnuts, and a homemade hazelnut swirl.

“Many places say ‘made fresh daily,’ but they really aren’t; they’re safe flavors with food colorings,” says Zorrivas. “I use real ingredients like cashews and coconuts, and I welcome flavor suggestions.”

“I think it’s important for small businesses in the city to step up and make El Paso a cool place to be—creating a cool, young entrepreneur scene.”—Dom Airington

Ice Creamed Myself’s business isn’t solely about cranking out exciting and better-for-you ice cream, but also about celebrating and supporting the local community, while also collaborating with other local businesses. “I think it’s important for small businesses in the city to step up and make El Paso a cool place to be—creating a cool, young entrepreneur scene. It’s what will bring and keep talent,” says Airington. “As for us, we’re just two girls doing what we love and following our dreams.”