Publisher’s note

We have so many options when designing our homes—and not only when building a new home. In this issue of Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico, we explore many of those options. In some cases they are quite simple; in others much more elaborate.

I was struck by Steve Thomas’s amusing and touching story in this issue about “The House That Wouldn’t Die”—a project that started as a tear-down, but turned into a major, and highly satisfying, remodel instead. Situations like his may change your mind and have you looking at your home in a completely new way. A traditional adobe-style home can take on a very contemporary look, for example. As you will read, a midcentury home needing an update was transformed into a residence with Spanish Revival elements much loved by its owners.           

There are, of course, many degrees to which you can make these changes. It’s amazing what even minor efforts can do to transform your home. Examining your belongings might be a place to start. Doing so helps identify your needs such that your belongings all have an appropriate place to be, without cluttering your life. The story on kitchen pantries speaks precisely to this issue. For those of us not blessed with a huge pantry, there are options—some big, some small, but nevertheless options that beautify and declutter our kitchens and our lives.

We often talk about the use of a color to define a room and the feeling within it. So often we find ourselves stuck in a home with neutral walls that don’t make much of a statement. A splash of color can do wonders for a room. Ditto for textures. Most any surface you apply to a room helps define the room and make a statement.

If all of this is beyond your desire today, yet you still want to make a new statement in your home, consider the many innovative featured home products that deliver a strong sense of design. Some appliances and other household products are almost sculptural in their look.

As we point out in every issue, your home is like an artist’s blank canvas: You can do anything you like with it. Your home is your life, and you can make it very beautiful.


Bruce Adams